Thursday, April 27, 2017

What I Read In April

I've been all about reading and getting a few knitting projects completed for birthday deadlines during April. Here's what got read:

Loved this book! It has AB's signature "quirkiness" (including the fact that ALL the photography was shot with a phone!) and a TON of recipes I will actually be cooking! (Bourbon Bread Pudding anyone? --Yes please!) It was a great way to celebrate seeing his stage show (where I purchased my signed copy!) and a fun, fun read!

I really liked this book as the whole concept of taking time to be mindful of ingredients and putting together lunch in your work environment appeals to me. Reading the intro was one "aha" moment after another as lightbulbs kept going on at great ideas and suggestions. The recipes are sorted into seasons (availability of produce) and broken down into classifications of diets ( ie. raw, vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian, and omnivore) with info suggesting adaptations for other dietary needs. In a word this book is amazing!

Being a regular meditator attempting to get more mindfulness into the moments of life that are NOT on the cushion, this book is a wonderful tome! I have done a little reading on mindful eating and movement, but "seeing" is SUCH an obvious moment of mindfulness that I was overlooking it (just like the morel mushrooms in the woods!) I found the exercise prompts helpful and can imagine getting something new from each exercise every time I use it. I love the photographs and the drawings/sketches. Paired with the quotes or each taken alone, there is much to ponder and explore! I will be recommending this to my friends!

This novel is a character driven mosaic of life in a community in the aftermath of the disappeearance (and presumed abducton/kidnapping) of 5 year old Daisy Gonzalez. Each chapter is written from the perspective of a different character, building on the relationships (however tenuous) between them (neighbors, employers, former classmates, hairdresser/clients, church group members, etc.). As such, if you are expecting a straight narrative thread or linear unfoding of a "who dunnit," you will be disappointed. There are times you may wonder how what you're reading has anything to do with the story of the disappearance of Daisy. Forge ahead! You are being let in on the nitty gritty details of the lives of certain elements of Colliersville, Indiana.

For me, everything came together in the final chapter. I think this is because I have personal experience of visitations in avian form from recently departed love ones. Therefore, I LOVED the way Kennedy wrapped up the story!!

Thanks to the publisher for the ARC I received in exchange for this fair and honest review.