Tuesday, July 23, 2013

A Different Sun

The only disappointing thing about A Different Sun by Elaine Orr was that it ended!

Orr's characters become close friends to the reader in this vivid tale of a missionary's wife who travels with him to Africa in the 1850's. Full of evocative descriptions and emotions, I found myself compelled to keep reading in order to find out what would happen to Emma and the African "family" and friends she makes along her journey. When the novel ended in what felt like mid-stream, I wanted more.

What happens to the young couple? To their child? The future is left up to the reader's imagination. What you come to know of Emma, Henry, and the others will help you as you imagine the way their lives unfold--perhaps that is enough.

I find it especially interesting that Orr's book is based upon the actual, historic diaries of a young woman. I love novels like this that hearken back to real world experiences and people. I was fascinated to watch Emma's inner strength blossom in each situation she encountered. Although I have kept journals off and on throughout my life, I doubt that therein lies anything worthy of a novel in the future. This book makes me ponder the differences between our modern every-day lives and choices and those of the generations before us who lived in such very different circumstances.

I'm thankful to Goodreads' FirstReads for the ARC I won that allowed me to read this wonderful novel. I will recommend this to my book club as a future selection!

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