Sunday, March 6, 2016

Getting Your Collage On

Being an avid journal keeper and scrapbooker, I am thrilled to have received a copy of Eleanor Shakespeare’s Collage This Journal. It is a great tool to help you collect and record the moments in life you’d like to hold onto and pass on to others for posterity.

What I love about this journal are the wide variety of prompts to spark your creativity. "Redesign the cover of your favorite book(s). How did you see the world as a child? How do you see it now?" The idea is to respond with a collage of items, though sketching and writing are encouraged as well.

The page size is plenty to allow for some fun. It is also great because you could easily tuck it in your bag and work on it while on the go. (This would have been a great way to fill some time on my 18 hour Astral ride!) The color scheme on the pages is mostly neutral, allowing you to take the prompt in any direction you like.

Seasoned collage artists may find the journal restrictive only in that the pages and binding realistically only allow for flat items to be included in the collage. You’re not likely to find it handy to incorporate bulky items like tiles, beads, flora, stones, etc. (Not a problem for me.) I am carrying the journal with me and looking at all kinds of paper ephemera (printed napkins, advertising flyers, even cereal boxes!) in new ways!

Many thanks to Blogging For Books for the review copy I received in exchange for this honest review.

From the Publisher . . .

This irrisistibly iteractive journal is filled with dozens of clever ideas for recording your life, such as “Make balloons out of photos from special and happy occasions” or ”Fill the genie’s lamp with wishes.” The author/illustrator’s wonderfully layered photo-illustration montages invite readers to mix media, too, and make this keepsake truly their own.

About the Author . . .

ELEANOR SHAKESPEARE is an illustrator and designer based in London known for her photomontage imagery. She combines found ephemera with hand-lettering and texture with color to create unique illustrations. She has illustrated for The Telegraph Magazine, Therapy Today, Times Higher Education, The Baffler, BoneshakerMagazine, and Noble Rot Magazine.

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